Tessuto tecnico termo isolanteGEOSAFE® consists in a fabric coupled with a needle-punched felt entirely of basalt for use as insulation. Geosafe is highly insulating and flame-resistant and can replace existing products for thermal insulation where temperatures are very high (range -150° C + 750° C certified).

    Geosafe is a light material (gr / sqm 1830 – 10mm), perfectly adaptable to uneven surfaces, environmentally friendly and less bulky than other products where you need a greater thickness to achieve the same performance.



    Fields of application:

    • NAVAL (fire doors, engine rooms, insulation potential flame parts, bulkheads protection)
    • INDUSTRIAL (insulation valves, pumps, turbines)
    • COLD (insulation and insulation where required)
    • BUILDING (wall insulation, roofing and insulation parts where required)
    • OFFSHORE PLATFORMS for oil and natural gas (valves, pipes, engine rooms) 



    The GEOSAFE Project arose from studies and experience that grew inside a large project: “Navaltex”.

    Navaltex started life as a national project, and was then financed by the Piedmont region with the support of the Polo di Innovazione Tessile (Textile Innovation Pole) established in our Città Studi (Biella).

    With this first project our company acquired important knowledge about the heat insulation characteristics of basalt and developed the production techniques required for using it as a fabric. Research continued even at other levels and in different fields.



    The total cost-effective savings potential of industrial insulation is so high

    The savings potential exists across all regions, sectors, equipment and operating temperatures



    Insulating all surfaces to cost-effective levels would avoid about 66% of current heat loss.

    Not enough space available is most often the reason why cost-effective and energy –efficient insulation levels can’t be realized.


    Geosafe is produced with a standard thickness of half an inch, but can be easily coupled to obtain higher performance insulation.

    We can help you find the best solution according to your needs and the standards of your sector.